Our Scope

Congress, Seminar and Meeting Services

  • Congress Organisations with Subsistence Aimed at Public Body
  • Congress, Seminar and Training Organisations with Tender Aimed at Public Body
  • Activity, Meeting, Seminar and Congress Organisations Aimed at Private Sector
    • Dealers Meetings
    • Firm Network Activities
    • Health Congresses
    • Science and Technology Congresses
    • Economics Congresses
    • Tourism Congresses
    • Sports Congresses
    • Other Congresses, Meetings and Activities of Private Sector

Corporate Organisation Services

  • Organisation and Activity Management
  • Dealers Meetings
  • Training Meetings and Activities
  • Product and Brand Launches
  • Corporate Night Galas
  • Corporate Company Establishment Anniversaries

Tour and Travel Services

  • Domestic Tours
  • Foreing Tours
  • Culture Tours
  • One-day Tours
  • Tours with Overnight Stay
  • School Trips
  • Motivational Trips
  • Promotional Trips and Dealers Trips
  • Tours Specific to Companies
  • Tours Specific to Public Body

Fair Organisation Services

  • Domestic Fair Organisations
  • Foreign Fair Organisations

Foreign Tour and Trips Aimed at Public Body

  • Investigation and Research Trips
  • Investigation Tours to Water Treatment Plants
  • Investigation Tours to Drinking-Water Treatment Plants and Waste Water Recycling Plants
  • Investigation and Research Trips to Town Planning and Municipality Services
  • Campus Trips to Outstanding Universities in the World
  • Special Investigation and Research Trips for the Administrative Staff at Universities
  • Special Investigation and Research Trips for the Academic Staff at Universities
  • Board Visits
  • Special Investigation and Research Trips for Aldermen
  • Foreign Tours and Trips Organised by Municipality Officers
  • Special Investigation and Research Trips for Special Provincial Administration Council Members

Accommodation Services and Flight Tickets

  • Domestic Accommodation Services
  • Foreign Accommodation Services
  • Domestic Flight Tickets
  • Foreign Flight Tickets

Transfer Services

  • Special Transportation Service for Congresses, Seminars, and Dealers Meetings
  • Transportation Service for Formal and Personal Board Organisations
  • Special Transportation Service for Job Interviews, Business Meetings, and Convocations
  • Transportation Services for Private Trips, Art Themed Trips, Sports Trips, Cultural Trips, and Touristic Local and Nature Trips.
  • Airport Transfer Services
  • Rent a Car Services (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Transfer Services with Private Cars
  • Transfer Services with V.I.P. vehicles

Production Services

  • Techical Production Management
  • Display Systems
  • Sound Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Artist, Presenter, Trio, Stand-Up and Activity Services
  • Décor and Ornamentation Services

Training and Counselling Services

  • Training Services
    • Inservice Training
    • Seminrs Open to General Attendance
  • Counselling Services
    • Personal Development Counselling
    • Human Resources Counselling
    • Management Counselling